Present day America – now experiencing 60’s cultural crises only on steroids!

One of the main themes in my book, “Re:Form – The Decline of American Evangelicalism and a Path for the New Generation to Re:Form Their Faith”  was to illustrate how the Millennial generation in present day America is experiencing the very things the Boomer generation experienced in the 1960’s only now on steroids.

Having personally experienced the ‘60s, I can attest to the fact that what we are daily experiencing as we approach the 2020’s  far overshadow any event of the ‘60s in magnitude. During the ‘60s, we feared the uncertainty of a distant future; today, we are beginning to live in the manifestation of that future.  The bad news is, our nation is entering a time of serious crises. The good news, and for me it is very good, is that spiritual awakenings have historically emerged from the ashes and rubble of cultural shaking. This is my hope for the Millennial generation. I foresee a move of God much like the Jesus Movement of the 60’s & 70’s igniting among the emerging generations in the next few years which will be far greater. What we experienced in the 60’s & 70’s was primarily a localized American revival, but what I foresee is a worldwide awakening driven by Millennials. To illustrate my thought I will pictorially compare the cultural events which defined the 60’s with the manifestations of present day cultural disjuncture.

Causes of cultural disjuncture during two eras of American culture which will potentially stimulate Spiritual Awakening among the Millennial generation.

                                                                       The 1960’s & 70’s                                                                             Present day

In the 1960s, the Boomer generation mistrusted political leaders because of two major events, the Vietnam War and Watergate.

In 2017 young people protested against the Trump agenda and what they perceived to be unjust immigration restriction and racism.










in 2018 students protested in anger after seeing their friends killed because of political inability to control gun violence.

In the 1960’s the Boomer generation protested in anger because their friends were being killed in a war that was politically motivated










Injustice against Black discrimination reemerges concerning police brutality and white supremacy in Charlottesville in 2017.

American youth marched for civil rights in the 1960’s.









A growing fear in the 60’s for a future unsustainable environment motivated protests against the government.

Millennials’ take up the cause for climate change and arresting other causes of fatal damage to the planet.










Women’s Liberation movement was birthed in the late 1960’s

In 2017 6-8 million women united & marched in major cities around the world protesting the Trump agenda. The “Me Too” movement was also birthed.











A sexual revolution begins in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco as apart of the Flower Child / Hippie culture.

Sexual revolution turns from heterosexual to homosexual in the 2000-teens.












Drug culture begins among American youth primarily with the recreational use of Marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs.

Opioid epidemic kills more Americans a year than the total amount of soldiers who died in the entire Vietnam War in 2017.











The verdict is out as to how the Millennial generation will respond to the beckoning of spiritual awakening for a new form (Re:Form) of the Christian faith.

The Jesus Movement revival is birthed as a response to a culture in turmoil.










The fears so many of us felt in the ‘60s concerning future environmental decline, fears that later many dismissed as the agenda of radical liberals, are now coming back to bite us. Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and low land cities are experiencing devastating flooding. Skeptics are quickly becoming believers, but are still pushing back on the kinds of change needed to make a difference. Weather is taking a toll on the planet, but fossil fuel is still the king. Even as warnings are being shouted from the roof tops, many understand that unless there is total global reformation, whatever we do may be too late. It is a message of doom that is penetrating the souls of a generation, instilling low-grade depression and hopelessness as they witness government leaders bickering over positions of power while ignoring global threats against humanity. The point being, as bad as it may seem these very issues may well be the primer that ignites a major move of God among a generation that is now like a sleeping giant who is awakening and engaging with passion.


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