Living the “Advent-ure”

Re:Form will be a byproduct of an emerging generations choosing to live the “Advent-ure

He challenged us to take His message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance to every nook and cranny on the planet…

Recently, while teaching at the University of Montana, I met a delightful young girl named Emma. She was in a program training to become a nutritionist. Emma is a Christian and told me she desired to use both her education and faith to make a difference in the world. Although she was newly married (her husband being a medical student), she wanted to give a season of her life to serve in the Peace Corp. I asked how her husband felt about the idea of her taking off to a third world country for a two-year commitment. She told me he was completely supportive knowing how intense his education would be during that time.  As sacrificial and amazing as her story seemed to me, it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard young people in their 20s and 30s express these kinds of passions and convictions. They are a generation with a deep desire to give themselves to a greater purpose than a status quo life and live what I call the “Advent-ure.

Living the advent-ure is defined as living a life of radical faith between the first and second “advent” of Jesus. Advent refers to the arrival or coming of Jesus, thus living the advent-ure speaks of a distinct way of living during a specific time period in human history. It is the time in which we now live. Jesus has come and is coming again. Jesus came revealing not only who He was as the Son of God, but He demonstrated to all humanity the heart of God.  Jesus revealed that by receiving His free gift of grace, we humans could have intimate relationship with Him, not only now, but for eternity. He came and demonstrated the power of God’s Kingdom and told us it was available not only later, after death, but now. As the Lord’s Prayer professes, His Kingdom has come to earth as it is in heaven. It was ushered in by the work Jesus did for all humanity on the cross at Calvary.

Jesus not only provided us with a means of relationship with God, but commissioned those who received His gift, to participate with Him during this very unique period between His two advents. He told us to go into all the world and make disciples. He didn’t tell us to live status quo lives, letting one day blend hopelessly into the next, waiting mindlessly for His second coming. No, He invited us to live the advent-ure; to live the greatest adventure life has to offer. He called us to live dangerously, not only discovering our divine purpose as He revealed to us in Romans 12, but to do it with zeal for the rest of our lives. He challenged us to take His message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance to every nook and cranny on the planet. To every people group, to the world’s extreme poor, to the broken and hopeless, to the wealthy, to our neighbor, to every color, every nation, every generation. It’s the greatest adventure, the greatest challenge, and the greatest privilege any human being could receive. It is an adventure of purpose and deep fulfillment. It is for anyone who would dare to accept and embrace who Jesus is, and then choose to live a radical life of faith. It’s living the “Advent-ure”.

Generations from the past have done it. The original disciples did it even unto death, and I believe when the Millennial generation discovers this truth, God will fill them with His Spirit to do it as well. I believe they will change their culture, change American culture, and impact the world they live in. Video games and mindless endeavors will lose their draw and they will refocus priorities, embrace Spiritual communities, and make lasting differences with their lives. They may well be the greatest advent-urers the world has ever known.


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