Discerning the spirit of the antichrist

Nancy Robinson in the 1970's

Nancy and I committed our lives to Christ in the heat of the Jesus movement in the early 1970’s. One of the big conversations during that time was focused around what the Bible called the end times or last days. This would be a time when the world would begin to wind down culturally, environmentally and spiritually and would enter a season of extreme calamity just prior to the second coming of Christ. It was a scary subject for a young couple and especially a young mother. Nancy was in her early 20’s. One of the greatest concerns for us came from an understanding that many people would be deceived, not recognizing the time for what it was when these things began to unfold. There was a great fear that we might not recognize what was referred to as the “spirit of the antichrist”. The spirit of the antichrist was the appearance of many unrighteous leaders before the entrance of the Antichrist himself. As we matured in our faith and learned to understand more about the character and nature of God our fears began to dissipate. The Apostle John told us that “God is love”.  The Apostle Paul (in 1 Corinthians 13) defines not only what love is but what it is not thus defining the attributes of the spirit of Christ. If God is love, then it is logical to understand that the opposite of the attributes of Love would define and expose the attributes of the spirit of the antichrist. It might look something like this:

The attributes of a loving God:            Anti-christlikeness:

Love is patient & kind                           Impulsive – meanspirited

It does not envy                                      holds resentment

does not boast                                         arrogant                                  

is not proud                                             narcissistic                           

does not dishonor others                          disrespectful – belittles

is not self-seeking                                    self-serving

keeps no record of wrongs                       holds grudges

does not delight in evil                            lacks a moral compass

rejoices with the truth                             manufactures truth


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