“The Journey Back” – You Tube Links to Podcast conversations


Episode 1 – Back to Truth

              You tube link                    https://youtu.be/oqLp6Jc-qLA

Episode 2 – Back to Unity

              You tube link                    https://youtu.be/y8bn4GaNxVk

Episode 3 – Back to a New Wine Skin

          You tube link                    https://youtu.be/0YKA1R98_O8

Episode 4 – Back to the commission of Jesus

          You tube link                https://youtu.be/Peci8CZGYuk

Episode 5 – Back to the will of God

          You Tube Link                  https://youtu.be/EjySigAkQTE

Episode 6 – Back to the Sanctity of life &Creation Care

          You Tube Link                  https://youtu.be/Ltrev7CQXFM

Episode 7 – Back to the “Thin Place”

          You Tube Link             https://youtu.be/GkkDht1x2iA

Episode 8 – Back to Grace and Works

You Tube Link             https://youtu.be/RpERmk4LlOw

Episode 9 – Vision for a Sustainable Life

You Tube Link             https://youtu.be/cB5TRB8MNXg


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