“The Journey Back” – You Tube Links to Podcast conversations

         Episode 1 – Back to Truth               You tube link                    https://youtu.be/oqLp6Jc-qLA Episode 2 – Back to Unity               You tube link                    https://youtu.be/y8bn4GaNxVk Episode 3 – Back to a New Wine Skin           You tube link                    https://youtu.be/0YKA1R98_O8 Episode 4 – Back to the commission of Jesus           You tube link                https://youtu.be/Peci8CZGYuk Episode 5

“The Great Sorrow”

I am turning 73 next week with nearly three quarters of a century of life experiences under my belt. The world has changed a lot in my lifetime, some for the better and some for the worse, but lately I find my heart heavy, filled with a deep sense of sorrow I can’t fully explain.

Truth Matters

I loved my grandfather on my mother’s side. We called him Granddad Larimer. He was a hard-living Irishman with a huge heart and will always be remembered for being challenged when it came to telling the truth. Granddad Larimer was what you might call a “lovable” liar.  He not only embellished the crazy stories he

America – Great again!

It is no secret that I have been very concerned about Trump’s credo statement, “Make America great again”, However, I have changed my mind. It was hard at first to see past what I felt was the heart motive of such a mantra. I saw it as an arrogant statement proclaiming a quest for global supremacy

Will the first become the last?

Timber Butte Chapel in a storm For the past four years, we, the American people, have lived under the mantra of two slogans: “Make America Great Again” and “America First”. For those who perceive themselves as Bible believing Christians, we recall the words of Jesus when He clearly told His followers, “The greatest will become the

Why don’t Christians insist on Christ-like values in their leaders?

GUEST OPINION – Idaho Statesman – Sunday Morning   New year’s day 01-01-2018 BY TRI ROBINSON For years, we evangelicals have professed uncompromising values when it came to sexual morality, faithfulness in marriage, integrity of character, and Christ-likeness in attitudes and behavior. To compromise these deep core values is to take a giant step into hypocrisy.