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Tri Robinson

Tri Robinson is a unique and diverse leader among Evangelicals. Although he and his wife Nancy of 48 years have served as missionaries among the world’s extreme poor they are also the founders of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise. The Vineyard Christion Fellowship of Boise is a church with an attendance of over 2500. Tri is best known as a beacon of fresh light among the Christian world. Tri was one of the first truly vocal voices and advocates for biblical environmentalism and social justice at a time when the topic was not popular among evangelicals. He is the author of seven books including; Revolutionary Leadership, Saving God’s Green Earth, Small Foot Print / Big Hand Print, Rooted in Good Soil and Re:Form – The decline of American Evangelicalism and a path for the new generation to Re:Form their faith.

Tri was also a columnist for the Huffington Post for several years and has been an invited speaker on numerous university and college campuses. Because of his outspoken stand on climate, he was honored by Prince Phillip at Windsor Castle and was honored to open the US Congress in prayer because of his passion to see Christians re-embrace the call of Christ to care for His creation.

Tri has courageously challenged the status quo of the Christian faith.  He has been the focus of many documentaries including a Bill Moyer PBS project “Is God Green?”,  a Transform Films Earth Day Project, and a ninety-minute documentary titled “Cowboy and the Preacher” produced by an award-winning filmmaker in London.  These projects were not only focused on Tri’s passion for environmental stewardship, but also of his and Nancy’s life together raising their two children Kate and Brook on rural homesteads as a proactive example for sustainable living.

At the very core of this Tri’s cause is true reformation on many fronts – a deep, authentic walk with God, innovative education, ethical godly leadership, the need for living sustainable lifestyles and being a champion for the Millennial generation who are hungering for authentic faith.