Present day America – now experiencing 60’s cultural crises only on steroids!

One of the main themes in my book, “Re:Form – The Decline of American Evangelicalism and a Path for the New Generation to Re:Form Their Faith”  was to illustrate how the Millennial generation in present day America is experiencing the very things the Boomer generation experienced in the 1960’s only now on steroids. Having personally experienced the

An Ode to David McKenna

Mega Truth was published in 1986 Having been a Christian leader who lived through the charismatic renewal of the 1980’s, looking back I’d have to say I’ve witnessed very few true prophetic voices.  Time is the witness to prophetic proclamation and a lot of time has passed. One voice that stood out above

Answering the question – How did issues concerning social justice and environmental stewardship become demonized by much of the Evangelical world?

It’s been a mystery to many Christians and non-Christians alike why issues such as those concerning social justice and environmental stewardship became rejected by many Evangelicals. Historically it hasn’t always been the case, but a major game changer occurred, starting in the 1980’s, which labeled such issues, even though they were biblical in nature, as